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27% of Canadians who retire regret the decision. 23% of retirees have tried to re-enter the work force. 58% of retirees want to re-enter for intellectual stimulation. 50% for financial reasons. 78% believe semi-retirement is the best of both worlds

Golf isn't a plan unless you join the Senior Tour. 54% of Boomers are considering starting a business. 67% of Boomers would start a business outside their field.

Do you have an idea for a business that's been in your head for years. You didn't start a business because you had obligations. You had a job with benefits, maybe you like or didn't like. You had no time. You had no money. You had children.


To own a business you have to start a business. You need a plan to start. Watch this video "Start your business in 30 days".

Ten Common Sense Secrets (Principles) from "Be a Boompreneur"

  • Start small
  • Start part-time
  • Never risk more than you can lose
  • Be cheap
  • Make a simple plan and be flexible
  • Test
  • Always be selling
  • Listen
  • Give more
  • Take time


Order "Be a Boompreneur". You will receive at no extra cost. The Boompreneur Workbook. Do the exercises and answer the questions and you will have developed a Business plan. The Quiz, one page Business plan.

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The majority of successful businesses do not start with a unique idea, service or invention.

Sam Walton: Started a variety store.
Colonel Sanders: Had a recipe.
Ben & Jerrys: Ice cream
Richard Branson: Records and an Airline
Michael Dell: Computers

A Boomer who owns or wants to start a business.

Do you want a job or do you want to own your own business?

When you're 90, will you smile at what you have accomplished or frown with regret for what you didn't do. A Boomer aged 65 has the potential to live another 30 years. Retirement is your second chance to design your future!

  • Someone should invent that.
  • Why can't I get it here?
  • Why can't I get different options or colours?

  • The Company is wasting time and money doing it this way.
  • I could do it for half the costs.
  • Why did they stop producing that product? There still is a good market.